Launch Pad Sports Complex has policies and procedures in place for the comfort and safety of all visitors. Please read through our park policies and contact our team if you have any questions. Let’s play ball!

Park Policies

All Facility Use Requires a Permit

The Following Items are Not Permitted:

Firearms, weapons, fireworks or explosive devices, bicycles, skateboards or scooters, drones, commercial activity, signs or banners, unauthorized tents or canopies, vaping or tobacco of any kind, shelled nuts or seeds, anti-social or threatening behavior/language

Proper Attire is Required at All Times

Parking in Designated Areas Only

Area Around the Pond and Workshop are Out of Bounds for Visitors

Well-behaved, Leashed Dogs with Responsible Owners are Welcome in Common Ground Areas

Training Center Policies

LPSC is Not Responsible for any Personal Injury

Use of the Training Center and Equipment is Entirely at Your Own Risk

Children Under the Age of 16 Must Be Accompanied by an Adult

No Unauthorized Use. All Users Must Sign a Waiver Prior to Entering the Training Center

No Outside Food

No Vaping or Tobacco of Any Kind

Closed-toed, Flat-soled Shoes Only - No Cleats

Helmets are Always Required When Hitting

One Person in Batting Machine Cages at a Time

Do Not Retrieve Balls from Batting Machine Cages

Screens are Mandatory when Pitching to a Hitter

No Throwing or Hitting Outside of Tunnels or Cages

Code of conduct

All Visitors Must Follow Staff Instruction During Dangerous Weather or Emergency Events

Respect the Game, Officials and Opponents

Show Good Sportsmanship Before, During and After Games

Be Courteous to Other Complex Visitors

Respect the Complex and Its Facilities

Place Trash in Trash Cans

Notify Staff of Any Potentially Dangerous Situations or Abusive Behavior by Other Guests

Failure to Comply May Result in Ejection from Premises and/or Forfeit of Facility Use Without Refund

Dangerous Weather Protocol

A siren will sound if lightning is detected within 8 miles of the Complex. All visitors must evacuate and/or take shelter in vehicles immediately. Dugouts, Concessions and Stadium are not safe shelter structures. An all-clear siren will sound 30 minutes after the last lightning strike within range. The current estimated status can be tracked on the home page of www.LaunchPadComplex.com

Failure to follow LPSC Dangerous Weather Protocol may result in the cancellation of event with no refund.